dinsdag 30 september 2014

October Main Goal, side dish and focus points

I plan to put these down every month from now on, to refocus myself again and again. So bear with me :)

Main Goal - Clean, build and base as many Technicals as possible to clean out the stash I have right now. Get them ready for primer. Paint 1 or 2. Goes with M4/M5

Side Dish - Clean, build and base as many vehicles for the Cold War Soviet Recce as I have in stash right now. Get them ready for primer. Try to base 20 troops as well. Get them ready for primer. Goes with M3

Focal points:
-Clean and sort all incoming 2nd hand Liberation Miniatures
-Sort out items you want to use Instant Mold for, I have a few sticks coming in later this month. Do some more research on how to properly use them. You might want to drag up the old box of Lego for them.
-Technical weapons. Sabot them or not? Look at the pro and cons.
-Keep selling! Get rid of the uwanted tat.
- Pre orders for Crisis. Go over the list again, do I really need this in the next year? If not, drop it.

maandag 29 september 2014

200th Post!

200th Post!!

Wow, I didn't imagine I would be able to keep this up for so long. Not with my short attention span anyway. When I started this Blog 3,5 years ago I started it with a big clean up, much like the one I'm in right now. I was fed up with how much tat I had managed to collect, though back that it was a lot of GW tat.

But let's recollect, shall we?

What will be leaving me?
- Silent Death - all the books ever published plus about 8 kilos of space ships of every type, plus big set of Star Wars fighters for this game (those have now been sold).
- Battletech - a ton of books, about 200 blisters and around 150 mechs and vehicles.
- All of my FoW (already sold).
- All of my 15mm Sci-Fi (already sold).
- All of my 28mm stuff, from Back of Beyond to WW2 to Sci-Fi.
- All of my GW stuff, from Fantasy to 40K to Epic to BFG.
- All of my 1/300 (or 6mm) stuff, WW2 and Moderns, land and aircraft. I have about 35 kilos of the stuff, and sofar sold about 9 kilos of it.
- Various RPG books like Robotech, Alternity, Stardrive and any other game I have that has not been played with for the last 3 years.
...and a ton of other stuff I need to sort out, bag and tag and put for sale online.

 Oh dear.

Silent Death - Nobody wanted the books or the ships.
Battletech - Still in storage, these REALLY need to go, but again, no one wants the books.
FoW - It saddens me to see I had, and sold my FoW, only to buy it again last year. Repeating mistakes is not what I should be doing. So let us say, never again?
15mm Sci-Fi. This was a tiny lot, I know, rebought it 2 years ago. Now, apart from a few vwhicles and troops, it is all gone.
28mm, I have maybe a handfull minis left, plus some stuff that goes with my 20mm cause it is scale neutral.
GW stuff, only a few books/comics, Skaven and bits left. This will be gone soon.
Various RPG books. Trouble with these is that shipping is a deal killer, no matter how cheap you offer them. So they are still here, and probably will be for some time.
Ton of other stuff. You mean, like the ton of stuff I have now? :D

Hmm, what else did I write?

Ok, I hear you say, you are selling a lot of stuff. What is holding me back from collecting it all over again?
Good question. I'd love to say I will hold fast to one project at a time, won't surf shops and Ebay to find new kit and bargains and try to not get swept in with the current fad, whatever that might be.

Uh...no, that won't work. I'm human. We all love getting new stuff. But what I can do is curb what I want by wondering if it is something I need. Since I've dropped quite a few scales I can happily bypass items that are offered for them. It should not be too hard, but knowing me, it will

Oh dear again.

Wel, at least I didn't join any fads (ahem). Dystopian Wars only just, and I'm selling that now, and 15mm sci-fi when it was well established, and again, selling that now. Holding through on one project clearly didn't work. At least I knew back then it was going to be hard.

I really hope sticking to one project a month plus a side dish will keep me on focus enough to last me a life time, but that will take the occasional reassesement of myself and my goals.

So what will I be focussing on in the near future? (Warning: Famous Last Words!)
20mm mostly, WW2 (1944-1945 Russians and 1944-1945 Germans) and Modern (2000+ Russians and Contractors for the 2012 Big Game. Propably a few 1/600 aircraft in between.

Will I keep that up? Maybe. I'm guessing I will, if I'm just able to focus and plan. We'll see.

 Famous last words indeed!

The Germans are pretty far advanced, the Russians have a lot of stuff ready to go onto the painting table, converted and all that. I did loads on them, so thats good. The Modern Russians is something I'm picking up just now, starting with just the infantry. Contractors for the Big Game never happend as the game got cancelled, but now and then I work on bits for them, and have been doing so since then. In 1/600 I tried to do Israeli Wars but failed, as I tried to do too much in one go. I've learned I can do 1-3 vehicles at a time and 5-7 troops at a time and then I don't lose sight of the end goal.

Focus and planning are the keywords here.

I will now have some cake to celebrate :)