vrijdag 18 juni 2021

Small update

 Keeping myself busy doing what I love....scratch building 

dinsdag 4 mei 2021


 Quit my job. Yes, I did.

Bit of a whim, and also not. For the past 11 weeks I've been paid not at all or too little. It tends to get fixed a few weeks down the line, but mistakes have been piling up and the last 2 weeks I received no pay at all and at the moment I'm due 72 hours in pay, plus overtime, benefits etc. 


Contacted my temp agency, asked if they had a job for 32 hours a week working from home. They called me back in 3 minutes time and offered me the job I've started training for last monday. But enough about that. 

To give myself a small present I picked up a few more rivits. Well, a lot (It was a half price sale, sue me). And some pencils, some paint and some barrels. More Mordheim bits, more Ork bits. I really need to paint more stuff but atm too busy with selling and studying, so maybe next month.

vrijdag 16 april 2021

Improved my table

 Upgraded my table today. The size is great, but it was a bit low and I prefer my tables to be a bit higher to spare my back. So measured the legs and got 4 steel new legs cut and sent over, plus plugs to protect the floor. 

Then realised I had to lift up the table by 1 metre to sleeve the new legs over the old legs. And this table weights a ton. Oops.

A fun morning of swearing and sweating later I now have a much taller table, with extended storage underneath. I'm a happy, if exhausted camper now :)

zondag 11 april 2021

Big Silo 1 (50 cent build)

 Had a great tone of fun turning this manure injector tank from a toy tractor kit into a 28mm scale silo for Modern and Post Apoc games, and limiting the wear and tear I usually add. Scrapped the frame and wheels and just used the tank as is with some very minor additions. Great fun to get stuff fone, and I only paid 40 cents for it, so another 50 cent challenge done. Also fast, I picked this up a mere few weeks ago, so this is ultrafast for me :)


Copied this from a bit of graffiti not far from my house.  Used my wifes markers for a change, it works....okay.

The marking on the back is a reference from Fallout 4


zaterdag 10 april 2021

Peaceful Buddah (50 cent challenge)

Another 50 cent challenge done, picked this one up for 20 cents at the Goodwill store, with a bit of damage. Based on a MDF 50mm  base for a Asian setting from 15mm to 28mm, should work for all of them. Added a small fortune in tufts :P

vrijdag 9 april 2021

Finishing a old build of a 50 cent challenge (gaslands wreck)

 Took me long enough.

Remember this? Gaslands wreck Only took another 2 years, oh well.


It's done. Will work for gaslands,  modern combat zones, Stalker and Post Apoc tbh. Nothing special but great for background shots.



dinsdag 30 maart 2021

Bunker - Drone - Dud

 20mm Tankbunker based on photo from Afghanistan, drone for 15-28mm games and a dud (also 20mm)