vrijdag 2 juni 2023

Mordheim noticeboard

 A small paletcleanser so to speak. Quick and dirty, still took me a few nights to get it done. Chopsticks and coffeestirrers for the frame and planking, posters from various soruces online, skull from Green Stiff World. Candle is a toothpick with a bit of wire and greenstuff.

Forlorn Hope at Sachsendorf - the list of what I need to build - which is a lot, but not as much as I thought.

 Forces needed for this scenario:

And the battlefield I need to make:

dinsdag 30 mei 2023

Forlorn Hope at Sachsendorf - Scenery WIP part 2

 Well, they are done. A few have glossy craters but I'll paint that over. When I will do waterlogged craters I'll use the same technique but a bit different. No rush, not doing this in a hurry again for a while. Just no fun, factorylining so many at once is just not for me. 

Ok, maybe I'll do another 10 of the bigger ones. SOmeday.

Primed another, bigger, transformer station for the project and looking at some other H0 stuff to see if it is suitable enough.

zondag 28 mei 2023

Forlorn Hope at Sachsendorf - Scenery WIP part 1

 As noted in the scenario:

So, not too hard to make, just takes time. But in spurts of 1 hour blocks this is what I have sofar: 

25mm  round MDF bases, sides slanted with a sharp scalpel (yes, an offering to the Blood God has been made) and a small blob of  milliput and a round bead to push in said blob to make the crater. Some glue, some sand, some drying time. A bit of rubbing to remove loose sand, some sanding on the edges and these are ready for primer.

I'll add another dozen or so of the big 50mm one. As soon as I remember where I put the bloody bag.

woensdag 24 mei 2023

Forlorn Hope at Sachsendorf - Russian WIP part 2

 Tonight all T-34 hulls got equipped with a block of the (not usable anywhere else because

partly hardened) greenstuff with 2 bolts in it so that the models have a little more weight and

glued all hulls. Rheumatism and kneading could just be a war crime.


Oil drum fixed, worst of the 2 running wheels glued flat and fixed, nicer of the 2 with the best

successful side placed at an angle and 1 axle of the German Truck set slightly shortened and made 

into a gas cylinder. (oil drum, lubricants, gas cylinder and the Russian habit of smoking 

wherever it is not allowed. I'm sure it will go well). Also a crate of the Accesopires set 

attached to the side of the hull as a toolbox. 


Now let's see what else can/must be put in the cargo box and then start working on covering the 

rear part with a tarp. Then pull cables from front to back and back to front and the rest of the 

detail work.

Forlorn Hope at Sachsendorf - Russian WIP part 1

 Progress made sofar, put in the build box what I have right now. Magnetised all the T-34 hulls, tomorrow all of the turrets, and got halfway with the T-34 ARV. (it's not in the list, but if I'm building so many T-34's....I might as well.)

For some reason, in the last used lot I bought there were a few PSC T-34 track sections (no T-34's in that lot). Cut one apart, made a line i9n a few wheels and used my Japanese saw to extend the gap. Looks good enough at a distance, added a oil drum from the PSC accessories sprue. The load bed is made from a spare PSC Blitz cargo bed. Back end I'll add a tarp to cover the not so nice cuts, otherwise pretty happy. Tomorrow detailing and putting on the cables.