dinsdag 29 oktober 2013

Not another monument...

Yup, another one.

No prizes for guessing what goes on top :)

Changed the base a bit as I didn't want to have to fill this one with roof lead to prevent it from tipping over (actually, my roll of roofing lead is running low and a new one costs 25 euros which I don't have to spare as Crisis is coming up this weekend, so call me cheap). But a bigger base also means a larger LOS breaker :)

I glued in a magnet in the inside, cause this one is going to be another dual version. I'll be picking up a 15mm and a 20mm T-34 from PSC this weekend, tart em up monumentally, and a magnet on their underside and the magnetic pull should keep it in place.

After this, I need to make a hammer and sickle type monument that is scaleless, and 3 of them should be enough to turn any old city I make into a Soviet one. Easy peasy me thinks.

zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

Monument 2.0, a WIP

Since I'm scaling down my Stalker game to 15mm I have a few scenic objects in my collection that are too large. Since there will be a few weeks before all of my deliveries are in, I ordered a 1/100 aircraft kit from Hong Kong that managed to get here in 3 days time (free postage) and this will be getting the same treatment as the 1/72 MiG-21 that I made earlier.

Since the base was made in such a way that the aircraft is removable for transport, I just need to build another aircraft with a rod inside it, which I have just done.

Now I just need to let everything dry before I can paint the whole plane metallic and get started on weathering it. And that should not take a whole lot of time.

At Crisis I will pick up a PSC 15mm T-34 sprue so I can build another monument, and after that I just need to make something special for Pripyat in 15mm, and then it is on to the models and buildings.

zondag 20 oktober 2013


20 scratch built warning signs for radioactivity. 15mm/20mm scale (though should work fine as 28mm as well), made with a paper punch and thin plastic card for the correct size, a piece of brass wire and Renadra 20mm bases. Decals are from the OOP set Hasslefree did years back and I never found a replacement for them so I'm now officially out, sadly. If anyone knows a source for these, let me know, ok!! Flocked with a ton of Mininatur tufts.

I want to use them to cordon off non accesible or otherwise heavily radiated areas like forests, junk yards and buildings. Of course, the first time that I will use them I will propably find out I don't have enough <sigh> They took forever, 4 weeks of using spare time in between feeds when I wasn't too tired to do them.

In the background is my Pripyat sign, still proud of how I managed to capture the real thing in a model.

I'm still looking or yet another good monument to copy, or I might copy something typical of Pripyat, who knows.

dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

Battlegroup Dispatches Issue 1 released!


 Battlegroup Dispatches Issue 1 has been released!


Battlegroup Partisan
Partisan Army List
New Vehicle Data
Gebirgsjäger Army List
Painting British Infantry Uniforms for the ETO, 1944-45
Kampfgruppe Phillips, Normandy scenario
Hell in the Bocage, Normandy scenario
Pimp My Panzer – StuG III stowage box
‘On to the Dneipr’ new Battlegroup Kursk vehicle data

A bit for every rulesset released sofar plus a full armylist if you want to game Yugoslavia
in 1943! I'm liking that list a lot cause I like ambushing convoys like no other, which makes 
you set up a game with a very limited figure count and rulesrestrictions and can be played
in an hour or so as a precursor to a normal wargame. The paintingguide makes painting 
British Infantry easy-peasy....just add effort and job is godun. The 2 Normandy scenarios 
are a nice addition and something to try out for me when my 6mm armies are further
along the line, or my daughters have grown up, whichever comes first :D Pimp my Panzer
is something that I hope will be a frequent addition in the dispatches....tips and tricks like 
that are always handy to know. On to the Dneipr adds vehicle data for mostly post Kursk 
vehicles, but lets you include a T-70 company for Kursk as well. Imagine 10 of the little 
ones buzzing towards you....attack of the gnats!

On the whole, a nice read, plenty of food for thought and the eyes, and well reccomend. Issue 2, whenever that will be released, is already highly anticipated!

In case further downloads for Battlegroup interest you, go here: ironfistpublishing.com