zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

Monument 2.0, a WIP

Since I'm scaling down my Stalker game to 15mm I have a few scenic objects in my collection that are too large. Since there will be a few weeks before all of my deliveries are in, I ordered a 1/100 aircraft kit from Hong Kong that managed to get here in 3 days time (free postage) and this will be getting the same treatment as the 1/72 MiG-21 that I made earlier.

Since the base was made in such a way that the aircraft is removable for transport, I just need to build another aircraft with a rod inside it, which I have just done.

Now I just need to let everything dry before I can paint the whole plane metallic and get started on weathering it. And that should not take a whole lot of time.

At Crisis I will pick up a PSC 15mm T-34 sprue so I can build another monument, and after that I just need to make something special for Pripyat in 15mm, and then it is on to the models and buildings.

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