zondag 20 oktober 2013


20 scratch built warning signs for radioactivity. 15mm/20mm scale (though should work fine as 28mm as well), made with a paper punch and thin plastic card for the correct size, a piece of brass wire and Renadra 20mm bases. Decals are from the OOP set Hasslefree did years back and I never found a replacement for them so I'm now officially out, sadly. If anyone knows a source for these, let me know, ok!! Flocked with a ton of Mininatur tufts.

I want to use them to cordon off non accesible or otherwise heavily radiated areas like forests, junk yards and buildings. Of course, the first time that I will use them I will propably find out I don't have enough <sigh> They took forever, 4 weeks of using spare time in between feeds when I wasn't too tired to do them.

In the background is my Pripyat sign, still proud of how I managed to capture the real thing in a model.

I'm still looking or yet another good monument to copy, or I might copy something typical of Pripyat, who knows.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. http://www.cracktwo.com/2011/04/25-abandoned-soviet-monuments-that-look.html
    Not from Pripyat, but check out these Soviet monuments from Yugoslavia....

    1. Those are some weird monuments. The last one, from Zenica, looks like something I can easily copy. Thx!

  2. They look great. The Pripyat sign in particular looks fantastic.