zaterdag 29 januari 2022

Double Silo

 Finished these 2, they came incomplete in a box of H0 scale seconds, I glued them to a Warhammer 40mm base and used some spare stuff to spruce them up a bit. They will work fine for almost anything, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm and fit all the timeframes I game in (well, build for anyway), even Stargrave!.

Miniatures painted:4

Tokens: 1  Scenery: 3

I'll be moving soon

 The seperation is now on paper as I lucked out and was given a small flat in this lovely old building. 

It is small, a 1 bedroom appartment and my kids will be here 1-2 nights and a few afternoons each week, and the storage space is not suitable for hobby stuff, so I've taken the decision to sell 99% of my unmade kits as they are a high volume and good return product so I have cash for a ridge freezer, stove and a TV for the kids. All to be arranged in the next 2 weeks.

After that I will see what I can still do hobby wise, it is all a bit rushed all of a sudden.

zaterdag 22 januari 2022

The hatch

 What to do with a loose part of 40K scenery you got in a bits bag? Add scrap foam and a bit of MDF and I've got myself the entrance to a shelter, a different hab zone, a sludge tank, zombie spawn point, God knows?

Miniatures painted:2

Tokens: 1  Scenery: 1

zondag 9 januari 2022

Blue eggs special

 Decided to give my new punch, bought a mere 2 years ago, a try (I'm slow, sue me) and I like the results. 

North Star Stargrave loot token on a 25mm base, also useful for Mordheim/Fantasy/DnD as Dragon eggs or whatever the story requires.



Miniatures painted: 1

Tokens: 1

zondag 2 januari 2022

The other Egyptian C-47 WIP

 Well, at least this one is coming out as I wanted. Yes, I painted windows. Yes, I highlighted them. Now to find my Egyptian decals and lettering. I might give up on the other one and strip it, though I really dislike giving up on models.

Miniatures painted: 0

Buying the bigger farm WIP 2-1-2022

 Well, I could not stand the set of bases being an odd number, so I found a fitting base and made another one to go with the rest so I can work on all of them in one go.


Now to process it like the others. The Ramshackle boilers....I may or may not use them, not sure yet, they are a bit rough. And why did I base these in brown, as it should be black. What am I thinking sometimes....

And....I will be keeping a tally this year as I don't have the foggiest how much I paint in a year. So hey, let's go :)

Models painted: 0

zaterdag 1 januari 2022

Egyptian C-47 WIP

 Paint down on the 2 Egyptian C-47 but I can't find my notes anywhere, and I never seem to have published any progress pics of the Egyptian stuff I painted, so I had to guess for my camouflaged C-47....and I guessed wrong. Looks more Iranian now, which wasn't what I was aiming for. So....repaint or what? Or use for a different country? I can always repaint over the bright sand for a toned down one but dont want to keeep adding more and more layers.