zondag 22 juli 2018

Where shall we go from here?

Right guys,

I've not been around a lot. Well, I have, just not here. Life has been busy (self imposed) and I just have not planned in the time for this as friday night was my Blog night and friday night is usually also the only possible gaming night.

But just to keep you updated.....

  • I'm quitting the second hand buying and selling of kits business. I have looked at the numbers, time spent, money made, it is not worth it time or money wise and just distracts me waaaaay too much. I will still sell stuff out of the attic for a bit of extra cash.
  • I've talked to mates from all over the world about planning, painting and what not. I'm building almost every night, but I have only painted a handful of times this year. Also I'm just building whatever I want....which is dangerous territory.
  • The result of this is that I made a shortlist of what I can do till the end of the year.....
 It is a simple list. The first 2 are local "tournaments"....basically a meeting of 300 point armies from a certain book. MG is in 3 months, WaR in the winter, so those have priority. If I don't feel like working on them that evening I can skip a level in order of priority. Yes, I've shelved my partisans for now, as well as other stuff like 28mm and 6mm.

As much as I want to pick up my Blog, I need to plan in time....and actually need something to tell you guys. I think I will plan it in for a weekly chat as soon as I get my bearings again.

Now, back to reassembling my hobby room in a more organised fashion.

Edit: Thank the flipping much Blogger! Damn program never informed me you lot had made comments that I had to check and publish. Just put all of that on OK!