vrijdag 16 april 2021

Improved my table

 Upgraded my table today. The size is great, but it was a bit low and I prefer my tables to be a bit higher to spare my back. So measured the legs and got 4 steel new legs cut and sent over, plus plugs to protect the floor. 

Then realised I had to lift up the table by 1 metre to sleeve the new legs over the old legs. And this table weights a ton. Oops.

A fun morning of swearing and sweating later I now have a much taller table, with extended storage underneath. I'm a happy, if exhausted camper now :)

zondag 11 april 2021

Big Silo 1 (50 cent build)

 Had a great tone of fun turning this manure injector tank from a toy tractor kit into a 28mm scale silo for Modern and Post Apoc games, and limiting the wear and tear I usually add. Scrapped the frame and wheels and just used the tank as is with some very minor additions. Great fun to get stuff fone, and I only paid 40 cents for it, so another 50 cent challenge done. Also fast, I picked this up a mere few weeks ago, so this is ultrafast for me :)


Copied this from a bit of graffiti not far from my house.  Used my wifes markers for a change, it works....okay.

The marking on the back is a reference from Fallout 4


zaterdag 10 april 2021

Peaceful Buddah (50 cent challenge)

Another 50 cent challenge done, picked this one up for 20 cents at the Goodwill store, with a bit of damage. Based on a MDF 50mm  base for a Asian setting from 15mm to 28mm, should work for all of them. Added a small fortune in tufts :P

vrijdag 9 april 2021

Finishing a old build of a 50 cent challenge (gaslands wreck)

 Took me long enough.

Remember this? Gaslands wreck Only took another 2 years, oh well.


It's done. Will work for gaslands,  modern combat zones, Stalker and Post Apoc tbh. Nothing special but great for background shots.