woensdag 29 juni 2022

Romeo, oh Romeo (AK-47 Objective Build)

 Over on the AK-47 FB page there is a objectives build, ending...tomorrow evening, I think. It took me too long to find something useful for my 1/300 stuff as most of it is still packed up So I couldn't grab any kits of parts to build. I did find my Cruel Seas collection (most of it is now sold) and in that box was a Romeo sub. I have no idea why it was in there, must have bought it in a lot or something?

Well, built it, cut it in half, added a base and Vallejo water texture. Added a gastank from a M3 Honey on the back (explanation later) and will be painted (eventually) as a North Korean sub cause Emerald Green looks weird enough as a color as it is.

Next time I might even get something done before a deadline. 

zaterdag 18 juni 2022

Shine a little light on me

 Finished the worklight on the back of the van Rhino. It came from a Sentinel, and the base is from a Ork Gargant, cabling is soldering wire.

I recycled a Chaos vehicle ram into a light bar using more 1/24 truck parts. It needs more work and cabling, but after that small details, cleanup and tracks and ready for primer!

maandag 13 juni 2022

Knock knock? More like DAKKA DAKKA!

 As a Ork Ambulance has to be the most hated kind of ambulance in 40K, it should look accordingly. 

Guessing eveyone and their pet Squig will shoot at this, so added more bulletimpacts. Most likely it will get more before primer hits it.

zondag 12 juni 2022

What's up, Doc?

 Finished the detailing of the big symbol on top, revealing who's ride this is.  Well, as far as white on whiote is easy to photograph anyway....

Yup, it is for a Ork Painboy and his crew. Painboy has been on order for over a month <sigh> but I have a gazillion bits for his crew. Next up is more work on the rear doors

vrijdag 10 juni 2022

Smokey and the barrel.

 Removed the right front armored exhaust cover (God I love my Japanese saw) and replaced it with something more....Orky. I guess fuel drums will always be a useful tool for any Ork Mek. Almost done now with all the modifications, work is now to be done on the top and rear section, then slap on the tracks. And to find my missing Rhino headlights....somewhere.

vrijdag 3 juni 2022

Top of the line Grot-O-Matic Big Shoota

 The best weapon teeth can buy. Well, maybe. Ah, who are we kidding. 

Armor plate protects the ammo feed, sight is underneath the Big Shoota (and partially covered by the front armor plate on the Rhino, of course). Just needs the magnets, when I find them. Added the most useless ram spike on the Rhino ever.

Now to further detail the rest, add 2 more exhausts, and start work on the rear doors.