dinsdag 31 januari 2012

KGN Weekend - The First Town - Tilly-Sur-Seulles, June 1944 - Part 5

11 figures from start to varnished finish in 3 days is a bit of a first for me. It is also the max I can comfortably do while factorylining. But they look grand, and I finished the HQ squad and 2nd squad.



zaterdag 28 januari 2012

KGN Weekend - The First Town - Tilly-Sur-Seulles, June 1944 - Part 4

First platoon is now finished.

And some individual shots.

The guard with a poncho is a conversion based off a drawing. Of course, after I finished it I realise I didn't get it quite right (needs more fabric and the pattern is a bit too big) but he'll look grand on the table anyway.

woensdag 25 januari 2012

Anyone recognise these 20mm weapons?

I got these in a trade, 20mm scaled Panzerfaust, Stg-44, Kar 98k, MP-40 and FG-42. They have a feel of Britannia around them but as far as I know Britannia doesn't sell seperate weapons. Does anyone recognise them and knows what producer they are from?

If you know who makes these, let me know.

dinsdag 24 januari 2012

Khin Hla, Red Team Leader, Zwartwater

Finished the 3rd member of Red Team for the 2012 Africa Big Game, Khin Hla .

Khin Hla, from Myanmar, is a political refugee serving with Zwartwater. He is the teamleader of Red Team, a softspoken but commanding man. Not much is known of his past as he keeps to himself, and he is very sensetive about his old and worn red scraf he wears. He has upgraded his M4 with a 100 round C-Mag, bipod and red dot scope so to better support his team.

Model comes from the Generic SF/Contractor pack from Wartime Miniatures. I've added a MG-13 ammo drum from I think Elhiem as well as the bipod from it.

KGN Weekend - The First Town - Tilly-Sur-Seulles, June 1944 - Part 3

Next up are the PaK and the Sniper

The sniper is a converted Britannia "Hollywood" model that I picked up second hand and suffered, like a lot in that particular box, from broken ankles on arrival in the mail (badly packaged). Waste not, want not, I cut him in half, resculpted it a bit and gave him a scope. Now I have a sniper that fits in with my force.

3 Britannia crew, the spotter has new pants. SHQ PaK 40 (lovely model) and I've painted the (oversize) shells as Pzgr. Patr. 39 cause they look very distinctive. V base for the gun for ease of placement of the model as well as the remmovable gunners.

Tutorial - Log MG Bunker

Today I'll demonstrate my way of making a quick and easy log (MG) bunker.

What you need is a cutting mat, a clean work area, wooden skewers and toothpicks, a knife, superglue, plasticcard, filler and a file or sanding stick. Optional is a small saw and The Cutter, just cause it makes life easy for a scratchbuilder.

Step 1
Get a piece of plasticcard of 40mm by 60mm

Step 2
 Draw lines to get this pattern. This will be your guide when putting down the basic shape.

Step 3
 Cut out some straight bits of plasticcard and make the basic shape. Don't worry about the height right now, this will get cut down later. What I forgot to do in this picture is add a few scraps of plasticcard to the inside corners for strength.

Step 4

Cut some lengths of the wooden skewers, 1 a bit longer then the bunker is wide, 4 smaller ones with one end sanded smooth. This will be the logs for the front of the bunker.

Step 5

Glue the lengths of skewer to the front of the bunker with superglue and let dry.

Step 6

When dry, take a saw and cut at a 45 degree angle.

 Step 7

Repeat at the other end, this should be your result.

Step 8
Add a small plasticcars triangle using the guideline drawn ealier and secure with superglue. Then cut ever smaller pieces of the wooden skewer, sanding down the tips and glue into place.

Step 9
Repeat on the other side and you should end up with something resembling this.

Step 10

Either with a knife or a saw, take off the top at the same level as the top of the skewer.

Step 11

Glue down some plasticcard to make the roof.

Step 12
 Glue down 2 traingles of plasticcard. This will be the entry/exit point for your bunker. Make it wider then you normally wood as you will need to add the wood lining as well.

Step 13
 Cut down some of the toothpicks (these should be slimmer then the skewers) and glue these to the triangles. 

Step 14

Use scrap plasticcard or leftover sprue bits to fill out the sides.

Step 15
 Trim down the sides so you get a nice, if a bit bumpy, slope.

Step 16
 Use the toothpicks to cut smaller sections for the front of the bunker and glue into place.

Step 17
 I always use a nailclipper to round off the sides and then sand the entire adge. Get your own clippers for this, don't use the ones from SWMBO!! You can skip this step if you like it square.

Step 18

Get a pot of your favourite filler. In my case, Black Lava from Vallejo cause it is just as coarse as the sand mix I use for my basework.

Step 19
 Spread the filler, let dry, repeat if needed and then they are ready for some paint. I'll let you get to grips with that bit on your own way.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and can put it to good use for yourself and on the battlefield. Remember, change the size of the base to create bunkers for other scales, bunkers tied in to other field positions and what not. Be creative.