dinsdag 24 januari 2012

Khin Hla, Red Team Leader, Zwartwater

Finished the 3rd member of Red Team for the 2012 Africa Big Game, Khin Hla .

Khin Hla, from Myanmar, is a political refugee serving with Zwartwater. He is the teamleader of Red Team, a softspoken but commanding man. Not much is known of his past as he keeps to himself, and he is very sensetive about his old and worn red scraf he wears. He has upgraded his M4 with a 100 round C-Mag, bipod and red dot scope so to better support his team.

Model comes from the Generic SF/Contractor pack from Wartime Miniatures. I've added a MG-13 ammo drum from I think Elhiem as well as the bipod from it.

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