woensdag 18 januari 2012

Skytrex 105mm Mountain Gun

I received my order from the Skytrex sale last week and built the 105mm Mountain gun. The model itself is simple, a set of wheels, gun, gunshield, a choice to have the gun in a towed or ready to fire configuration with 2 sets of legs and a towhook (of which I have no idea where to put it tbh). The gun itself is a model of the Oto Melara 105mm Pack Howitzer. I picked up 2 to supply both my Lebanese and Yugoslavian forces with them. Which is also the reason for the plain Olive Drab scheme on this one, to be generic. I pinned the legs in place and made a new gunmount from plasticcard to raise the gun in the up position.

Skytrex FF682 British 105mm Pack Howitzer , £4.25 Does not come with any instructions.

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