zondag 17 maart 2024

AK-47 Group Build - Checkpoint - WIP

 This months build over at the AK-47 group is themed to Checkpoint.

Any kind of checkpoint. No specific rules but at least one Peter Pig figure, vehicle or knick knack should be included...goes without saying really.…

Well, I ordered up some SCW models and heads  from Minairons (who also sells Peter Pig). And I like challenge, so here I go.

Used a Israeli para jeep, snipped off the drivers head and replaced it with a Officers cap and removed the insignia. Also filled in the Peter Pig scream with some putty and a fresh scalpelblade so he would finally shut up. De-legged (just the right one) a kneeling SCW commander cause I liked his pose, and pinned him into place so I could sculpt him a new leg. Added a cover over the wheel for some reason, and added a police light. So that's the Police vehicle done and ready for primer.

Now, the checkpoint. I want something more official looking so it can pull double duty for an airport, army base or big factory, so out came the scalpel, plasticcard, sateh sticks and cardboard. Plenty of cutting,glueing and other bits of ministuff later we have this, also ready for primer.

And with that, my entire sunday afternoon was just gone. And I managed to make the entrance to a British base cause I fudged up the locations of the guard shacks. Oh well.

Seperate bases as always, so I can use them singular or with different widths of road. The centre section is shelter for the days the weather sucks and is made from card laminated with a sheet of paper rubber banded to my 25mm shell till it set to get that nice curve. The outside colums are just there to hold a few signs and posters of our beloved General Admiral Aladeen, long may he rule.

As always, funny how I spend good cash on models and then just use scrap stuff all the time, but ey....that's me I guess. 

13 days to go get em finished and table ready.

woensdag 13 maart 2024

Rocket Pod Technical WIP

 Cobbled together a Technical using the 1:100 Revell Rocketpod (B-8V20A 20 shot launcher) and some spare bits of plastic and the Battlefront American militia truck. Excellent combo. Want to get primer on this asap.