zondag 21 oktober 2012

No news isn´t always good news

After the Big Game I kinda burned out on wargaming, I think. Nothing to do with the game itself, it was brilliant, but more related to starting a new job with all of the stress that brings. Now that I have more or less settled into a routine for that part, I´m moving in with my gf properly en terminating the lease on my old place. A couple of big changes in a short time means I have not spent much time on my hobby. I hope that changes soon, as I have been going over my plans again.

Basically, again, I have too much going on at once. Planning for a Big Game puts everything into focus and that helps, but I need to be able to do that for the time in between as well. Life isn´t all about big games, I need to spend time on smaller games as well. One offs with other gamers, for instance, and I started Bloodbowl in the last few weeks just to be able to do something. I´m taking a liking to that game, it seems simple enough but has a lot of variables.

But hobbywise I don´t think 2012 has a lot of energy left in it. I am looking forward to Crisis in a few weeks time but more as a place to work (I´ll be helping out on the Plastic Soldier Company stand) and pick up pre orders for things to do in 2013. Saves me a bit of cash for deals and a lot of cash that otherwise would be paid as shipping.

So, a bit early perhaps, but my plans for 2013 are:
-15mm Waffen SS demo army for Battlegroup Normandy using FoW and PSC bits
-Update my 20mm Germans with add ons for use in 1945 as Grenadiers (finish up the artillery, add some Hetzers and assorted SPAT guns and what not)
-Start my 20mm Taliban force while painting a commission for them as well. Keep these chaps basic and splash out a bit on the support weapons. Already have everything in stock for them as well.
-Finish the infantry for my 15mm Future War Chinese. The droids won't be a problem but I will need to save up to get some more GZG troops for them. Get them painted and start gaming, I can always tack on bits later or paint the opposing rebel faction so I can game at home.
-and 1 slot with a big ? cause Piers always comes up with oddball plans that I just cannot resisist.

Of course, take this with a grain of salt. Well, several packs of salt, cause without the enthusiasm to do anything none of this might work.

To at least end this on a happier note, go and see Piers his newsrelease regarding Battlegroup Kursk, hitting the shops right now around the world and what comes after it. http://ww20mm.blogspot.nl/2012/10/battlegroup-kursk-is-out-so-whats-next.html

I hope to resume posting on my Blog soon. Non text posts with pictures :)