vrijdag 29 juli 2022

Tug Job


Having sold my WW2 1/300 naval forces and with the North Korean submarine right in front of me to paint, I started work on the tugs my mate printed for me (cause why finish something when you can just start new stuff....right? Right...? <sigh>)
2 hours of work and 18+ cursewords to get the sandbags and tires into place (and to get them to stick). Nicked a gun from the Cruel Seas sprues no one wanted to buy (is the game really that bad ey?) and once it has all set, do the water and hit it with primer.
And then we have a tug with a gun. A background piece. Sometimes I wonder how my mind works....

woensdag 27 juli 2022

More guns? More guns! Flakk Trakk WIP

 Slowly cobbling along, Orks really are my true love (wargaming wise) just to go bonkers on stuff.

 So much more to do, but having a lot of fun doing it :)

zondag 24 juli 2022

Dear Diary, why do I keep building Ork stuff?

 Cleaning my desk, cleaning models, working on the house, starting a new Ork build. Why o why.... It does look cool though, sofar.

vrijdag 22 juli 2022

Deleting old blogposts

 The Photobucketalpyse was 5 years ago, and quite a few of my older Blogposts are no longer worth a read, so today I've deleted over a 100 posts that have been without pics for years now.

Yes, that means showreports, anmd tutorials etc are gone now, but I don't have those pics anymore on my harddrives so I just deleted the lot. Shit happens, but such is life.

Let it go

 Letting go is very hard for me, selling stuff feels like killing dreams and ideas....and I don't like that. But keeping everything is impossible, I have enough for 4 lifetimes and atm I'm not even sure I can complete 1 lifetime, and this takes up a lot of space, so might as well.

It will cost me an entire afternoon to sort the lot, check all the boxes, compare prices, and put up for grabs, but so be it.

And don't worry, I have crates and more crates full of the stuff.

So....let's say bye bye and focus what I;'m working on.

zondag 17 juli 2022

So, speaking of houses the other day.....

 We had a chat and build evening on monday (the 11th) and after getting out one of my older builds to do more work....I wasn't feeling it, grabbed a sheet of left over rock hard foamboard and went to toen. I've been working on it for a hour or so every day since.

Open shop space, doorway to a flight of stairs leading up (and going nowhere) and a balcony fit for 40mm based figures if I want. Pipes from the popular Chinese ones every scratchbuilder and their mother seems to use. Space in the back is open so I can add a LED or 2 for nice pictures (not with this phone though....)

Windows, for people who want to see.

Lift off roof being dryfitted (it's a wee bit snug)

Edges trimmed with card. Roof will stay bare so I can fit other stuff or extentions on it.

It's meant to be used in Necromunda and This is not a Test as part shop, part LOS blocker, semi ruined and dilapidated. I made a lift off roof for it, one of the shops is open so I can put stuff in it (and use the other one to store bits and bobs when not in use). I'm heavily inspired by Magpie and Old Lead and his excellent Blog and for the love of everything that is holy, I want to finish this one dammit. 

The basics for the doors fitted

Not sure where I was going with the block extention, but I need to search my bits boxes for some more vents. And dump tons of crap etc.

On this end the roof sags down on the left.....we'll just blame soggy ground (Measure 3 times, cut once and still fuck up.....thats me!). Once painted up, no one cares.... Commercial sign will go up above the door.

The back alley where you wouldn't want to be found dead, but most likely will be. This needs more detailing.

Not sure yet about colors, I have grey, natural green, red and a nice bone color in tubes and pots to work with (I'm not insance enough to be painting this up with GW paint pots, thank you very much)

zaterdag 9 juli 2022

Our house, in the middle of....nowhere

 While selecting kits to be sold off I found a box of this Perry Store in the box, unbuilt. It was a bit of a toss up to sell and get a few euros. or just build it, and since I had just brought over the house and barn that had been built and primed for ages (priorities), well.... Yeah, I built it, my way. 

As this is a shop front I don't have a use for a open bit on the side, so with some CTRL+C and CTRL+V I closed it off using surplus parts from the kit. Not the cleanest but those cuts will be hidden with foliage. 

Scenery is always good. Should work for many a thing. Primer tonight, paint tomorrow, who knows.

vrijdag 8 juli 2022

Swab the deck!

 I picked up a abused unfinished ship for a 1/300 harbor, but boy was she dirty (and cheap). 

As far as I can seee she is complete though, which is nice, saves me more work. More later when I make progress and waterline her (and get major butthurt from collectors, but meh)