woensdag 28 augustus 2019

So....remember that farm I bought?

Instead of finishing the walls etc (what focus do you speak of, online one?) I've started up the bits and pieces of my farm complex I bought last year. Was it last year? So many projects....

It's going to be a large complex. But on a 6x4 table.....not that large.

I'm scratching every detail that I need for this that I have not bought yet. Need a vegetable garden, some more farm machinery, a couple of containers, a few strips of dirt roads with poplars, and  few more junkers in the backyard, somewhere.

dinsdag 20 augustus 2019

Nailed it

My old box of dress pins is perfect for nails. I think.


Getting there, slowly.....

zondag 18 augustus 2019

Ramshackle stonework

Slightly distracted, when these are painted I will finish the lot and call it a day for a while.

Plenty of other projects demanding attention, even if the hands are not cooperating with me....but I gotta keep busy.

donderdag 1 augustus 2019

Bricks and a bag of.....

REALLY had it with Blogger. For the past few weeks 2 Indonesian spammers seems to have unleashed some kind of offensive on my Blog. It started with 3-4 a day, and now it's up to 10-15 a day. I keep doing the same thing, report to Blogger as spam, then delete. It's just not fun anymore. Blogger just really does not give a shit anymore, I feel.

Anyhoo, do I go on or not? I have no idea who is still following is, and looking back at older posts it is really depressing to see so many posts worthless as the pictures are gone. But I also used it alot to motivate me hobby wise, so here goes.....

I've grabbed some unfinished foam ruin builds, finished them, and I'm not in the progress of painting them.
 I hope to have it finished by, why the heck not, sunday eveing?

 Did some work to make the Batllescale ruin a bit more to my liking. Thinking of making it a snow ruin now. Or not. Or maybe I do.

Wondering if I want to do a small 20mm project just for me. A equallish team of 30 troops, 1 gun, 3 vehicles for Russians and Germans, 1944. 3 or 4 bits of scenery. 1 Wood. 4x4 table. In the snow.....

Who knows, I might or I might not. Enough for today.