zondag 24 november 2013

Towers and Stalkers

My first 2 custom stalkers and 2 towers that could be trasnmitter towers or something.

2 towers from Auhagen, actually HO scale electricity pylons that come in parts, I only used the 2 bottom parts and the top part, the rest is for later. Not 100% happy with the quality of the plastic, but the quick paintjob came out ok. Works for 20/15mm, 6mm too if you are not too fussy. Tried out Vallejo Light Rust wash on these, and it came out ok.

My first 2 custom Stalkers.
The base figures are both from CP Models, Alien Scientists with Force Globes , both models had the gasmask head from their accesory packs added, the one on the right had a hood sculpted over it, the one on the left had the "Force Globe" (that looks a lot like a hand grenade) removed and painted like an open hand. I also added a AK-47 from MJ Figures to the back and sculpted a sling for him. Both are wearing long overcoats and chemical gloves and footwear in combination with the gasmask.

For my next models I might go a bit heavier on the highlighting, though it could also be my terrible pictures. I'm not having much luck getting good photos from my 15mm in my current set up, 3/4 is too vague to make anything out and the rest has to be processed in Photoshop to get some quality out of it.

Baddies 10, Goodies 4, Scenery 5

vrijdag 22 november 2013

This weeks stuff

Didn't get a lot done this week.

Another wrecked robot from The Scene, 1 live one plus a droid from GZG.

With some luck I should be able to get a few Stalkers done next week.

woensdag 13 november 2013

Monument base finished

Finished the base on Monument 3.0

Simple concrete paintjob with some weathering and flocking. Size markers are a 15mm robot and a 20mm figure.

Now onwards with the 15mm T-34, and I'm still looking for a 20mm one, but I'm working on a shoestring budget here, so no hopes for it anytime soon.

And in case you are wondering whats in the background, it is a excellent Blog by Sgt Scream >> http://smallscaleoperations.blogspot.de/ one that I thoroughly enjoy as he does all kind of moderns and sci-fi stuff. Go check it out!

vrijdag 8 november 2013

Video games are good for inspiration

Video games are good for inspiration, even though I hardly play them anymore. The Fallout series is a big inspiration for me, so todays lot is mostly from that game.

Protecterons! Actually, robots from The Scene bearing a stunning likeness. I modifed one with a cowboy hat so he can be Primm Slim. Also did 2 dead ones cause you need stuff to loot.

3 of them I painted up in the Nuka Cola factory scheme

And lastly one of a batch of models I recently purchased from CP Models, actually a Alien Minion in Boiler Suit, but these came with tentacle faced heads so I purchased seperate gasmask heads from them as well and headswapped it. Easy cause they come with seperate heads to begin with. This model is just a test to see how to paint 15mm and what to do or not to do. Will propably join the zombies portion of my paint session by the time I'm done with the lot. You can never have enough zombies, right?

Not another monument....continued

Some progress

15mm PSC T-34 on top, magnetbased. Started weathering on the numbers, painting concrete should be next. Paintjob on the T-34 should be simple green with black tires and tracks. Also, it seems I was mistaken about having a spare T-34 in 20mm scale so I'll need to order one from Will at a later date, unless anyone has a PSC T-34 spare that they are not using and are willing to sell?

vrijdag 1 november 2013

Ready for Crisis

Well, oficially ready for Crisis now.

-packed enough food and water for the whole PSC team.
-printed a list with all of my pre orders that I need to pick up.
-packed goods for 2 mates that want to pick up stuff from me at Crisis

..and will bring a happy face and enough enthousiasm to last me day.

Cu at the PSC stand!