vrijdag 8 november 2013

Video games are good for inspiration

Video games are good for inspiration, even though I hardly play them anymore. The Fallout series is a big inspiration for me, so todays lot is mostly from that game.

Protecterons! Actually, robots from The Scene bearing a stunning likeness. I modifed one with a cowboy hat so he can be Primm Slim. Also did 2 dead ones cause you need stuff to loot.

3 of them I painted up in the Nuka Cola factory scheme

And lastly one of a batch of models I recently purchased from CP Models, actually a Alien Minion in Boiler Suit, but these came with tentacle faced heads so I purchased seperate gasmask heads from them as well and headswapped it. Easy cause they come with seperate heads to begin with. This model is just a test to see how to paint 15mm and what to do or not to do. Will propably join the zombies portion of my paint session by the time I'm done with the lot. You can never have enough zombies, right?

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