zondag 24 november 2013

Towers and Stalkers

My first 2 custom stalkers and 2 towers that could be trasnmitter towers or something.

2 towers from Auhagen, actually HO scale electricity pylons that come in parts, I only used the 2 bottom parts and the top part, the rest is for later. Not 100% happy with the quality of the plastic, but the quick paintjob came out ok. Works for 20/15mm, 6mm too if you are not too fussy. Tried out Vallejo Light Rust wash on these, and it came out ok.

My first 2 custom Stalkers.
The base figures are both from CP Models, Alien Scientists with Force Globes , both models had the gasmask head from their accesory packs added, the one on the right had a hood sculpted over it, the one on the left had the "Force Globe" (that looks a lot like a hand grenade) removed and painted like an open hand. I also added a AK-47 from MJ Figures to the back and sculpted a sling for him. Both are wearing long overcoats and chemical gloves and footwear in combination with the gasmask.

For my next models I might go a bit heavier on the highlighting, though it could also be my terrible pictures. I'm not having much luck getting good photos from my 15mm in my current set up, 3/4 is too vague to make anything out and the rest has to be processed in Photoshop to get some quality out of it.

Baddies 10, Goodies 4, Scenery 5

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  1. cool stuff. I got a stalker game for Arma 2 but I havn't played it yet. looks cool but I get spooked too easily and the last thing I need is to be seeing zombies and other things in the dark.

    still though post apocalyptic is a cool genre