vrijdag 30 oktober 2015

Droid Slavers

" Right after the great war, with most production facilities in ruins, and most people no longer trusting them, robots and droids were rare. But there was still a need for cheap and efficient labour and servants, and this is where the robot slavers stepped in. Robots salvaging, repairing and in some cases hunting down other robots for sale to humans who would pay the price. In some cases various factions of robots would sell captured robots unsuited for them to the slavers, and they in turn to us.

You see, pre war robots function on a different level then current day examples. Scared that they would revolt again, we now have dumbed down models., with the exception of some higher end (military) models. So they are sought after, now that the great war is long behind us. Like a commodity they are sold on, mindwiped again and again, from party to party who is willing to pay the price.

As long as we buy them, Droid Slavers will exists. And that is why B85M-D3V comes to town once a month, to sell out his kind for a profit. And we keep a very close watch on what he does."

Constable Gu Lee, New Xi'an, 11th Province, CCM-23

donderdag 29 oktober 2015

Natural 20

  A natural 20 is a deadly thing in Frostgrave as it does double damage. As Jan-Willems apprentice found out when I cast Elemental Ball against her and she rolled very, very low (30+ damage in one go). He jokingly said that all what was left of her were smoking boots.

Well, why not make some boots :)

20mm base, boots off a ruined dwarf model from the trash box. Need to clean it, base it, and drill the openings and give it a quick paintjob.

Just for fun when someone dies violently I suppose.....

dinsdag 20 oktober 2015

Disapointment and change on the hobby front

3 weeks to go till Crisis, I've checked the figures and the finances, gone over the pre orders with a fine tooth comb to make sure I stay within the budget and spent last night up to 2 o'clock sending them all (but 1) out, and except Foundry they all replied already! Magister Militum will have to come tonight as Evin hadn't replied yet to my question about his part of the order.

But then....

Fenris Games - not coming. :(
Renedra - not coming. :(

The Dice Bag Lady is willing to take orders for Fenris, but as I had been in doubt whether to go for Fenris Games or Thomarillion. I just edited the order and sent it to Thomarillion, to pick up all of their crypts except the small chapel and a few other small bits for the graveyard. Bye 60 euros.

Renedra....I must have misread a previous traderslist or something? Have an order for even more gravestones, bases and I wanted the church for AWI/pulp (and because it is a great deal), 33 pounds in total. Their reply was a bit short (one sentence) telling me they are not coming, and they didn't even ask what I wanted to do with the order. I'll have a rethink now about dropping the order entirely just because of the reply, it's like they don't want my business? (That's how it feels to me anyway)

The replies from Ainsty (more Crypts and graveyard bits and a big Mausoleum, total for another 25 Pounds) and Thomarillion were pretty quick (Thomarillion replied at 5:30 in the morning....mental!) and those items will be ready for me at Crisis.

No reply yet to the 32 Pound Foundry order (just 3 packs, pricey stuff), added in a last minute prehistoric killer bird for Frostgrave as a stand in Worm for the Worm Hunt. Looking forward to painting that.

For the rest I'm doing some swaps with fellow gamers, I will be getting quite a few skeletons on the sprue, new and old, as well as a Vampire and a Necromancer, plus some Flaggelants and some more Pulp African Explorers. I'll be trading some money and some 20mm items for that. I hope my current sales will sell before next week, if not, I'll do some additional discounting to push them, if not for Crisis, then just to boost my bank account.

I'm avoiding the Crisis Traders list like the plague now. I don't want to get any more ideas and what I have selected should be more then sufficient to last me till next year. I have a small amount of money set aside for impulse buys, plus another 50 from sales to take Kim out to dinner as a thank you for taking care of the kids all day while I'm having fun and her oncoming birthday.

Finally, I managed to win a large lot of LotR scenery on Ebay, too much in fact, so I will be selling off some of the bits and pieces when it arrives and just keeping what I need for Frostgrave. What I now need to look at is finding either premade Mordheim scenery or do it myself. Both should not be impossible.

My replacement parts order from 3D Horizons has been delayed, US Customs sent it back to the seller for some reason, but that is ok. I'm still working on the sketches for the towers anyway. Need to buy another roll of lead to stuff their bases with, don't want them to topple. Fortunately the local DIY send me a 5 euro discount birthday coupon I can use for that. Always trying to save money :)

donderdag 15 oktober 2015

CHI-76a Medium Laser Tank " Mazha "

Somewhere in the future, man will colonise other planets and war will break out. With this idea I have been on again and off again penning down notes and ideas about what vehicles to make, looking at modifications and making plans for the future, as I want to do this in 20mm and as some of you may know, 20mm is not a (popular) Sci-fi scale. 15mm you can buy everthing plus the kitchen sink, 28mm just a tad less, 20mm hardly anything.

First off, my sci-fi universe is a mix of various ideas (and shows/movies). It is a period after man colonized many worlds, discovered many alien species, battled a omnipotent AI and came out battered but unbroken (minor win in gaming terms), only to rise up again, start fighting amongst themselves and remnant robot forces and the odd alien. Mechs are available but rare, anti-grav is possible and anything goes worlds wise. Alien ships are common. CHI stands for China Heavy Industries - I tend to focus a lot on China as a colonising power and almost all of my builds will be for this nation as well as looking at various robots cause I always need more reasons to paint robots

The CHI-76a is a general medium tank chassis used for a variety of tasks, of simple build as to keep the costs down, for 2nd line and garission units. I'll be focusing on one PDF (Planetary Defence Force) in particular on a as yet unnamed world, CCM-23 is known for its large copper deposits and earth like climate (well, a bit hotter). No other details currently available.

This PDF uses the Mazha's (Chinese for Grasshopper/Locust depending on which translator you use. (My Chinese colleagues actually got into a argument with each other if this word or something I can't pronounce is correct, but in Dutch a Grasshopper and a Locust are the same thing so I'll leave it at that. You get the idea)) as their main battle tank. This tank is built around defense. It carries 2 main guns, medium to heavy lasers depending on the setting, that can be fired simultaneously or alternating, good for 3000 shots until ithey need to be overhauled. The laser is of a very rugged Indian design, copied by the Chinese. Very durable and low maintenance, the only odd feature is that each discharge is accompanied by a loud chirp, not unlike a grasshopper, due to the way the baffles work to vent the heated air. That and the preferred Chinese tactic of attacking/defending in larger groups while moving from location to location brought about the name, the original factory name long since forgotten.

For maximum survivability, the crew of 3 sits inline in the middle of the vehicle in armoured cocoon front to back (Driver, gunner, commander). For extra defence the vehicle comes with a twin MG turret on top, a small anti missile laser on the rear deck and optional additional ceramic ablative armour on the sides. The vehicle is tracked as that is still the most economical way to get around in most areas. A anti grav version is available, but due to the greater drain on the engine this tends to draw too much power and increases reload time for the lasers. No AI unit is available for this type of tank, but most droids/robots can take the place of the various crew if needed. As it is very noseheavy, no blower version exists. The front roadwheels and suspension wears out at an excessive rate and are rated at 1500 km's max. The engine is either a multifuel type or a small fusion reactor (not for export). Armour is low to average on the sides, but the front armour should be able to withstand hits up to 125mm....in theory. It does not carry a shield generator. Depending on the location and training of the crew, the tank is used as a sniper, lying in ambush, or as a assault tank, supporting infantry.

The chassis is used for various roles, of which later more.

I have a donor chassis selected from my stash, I ordered new barrels for the conversion and I plan to make 3 units of this particular model. Total cost per tank should not exceed 12,50 euro including all of the parts and scratchbuilding. I hope to start these in December/January, though I will base the hulls before that time.

More fiction of me in the future to go with my 20mm sci-fi project :)

I'll leave you with a link to my gaming buddy's Blog, Modhails Meanderings who just finished a beautiful True Scale Howling Griffons Space Marine and photographed in his beautiful 3D Space Hulk sections. He wants a whole unit for them in Inquisimunda. The nutter.

dinsdag 6 oktober 2015

Buy N Large

After a rather devastating friday evening at the club, in which I showed 0 interest for modelling of any kind, I did manage to walk away with some extra cash in hand and a brand new box of Kastelan robots (finally) that I traded for some plastic Cadian sentinels and troops. I will treasure it, and I won't unpack it untill my skills have improved. The Cadians won't be missed.

The weekend was a bust as well, Kim and the kids were sick, our Netflix account got hacked by some guy in Brasil and I think I blinked twice before it was sunday evening :(

During our weekly chat this evening, I informed Kim that I had donated money to charity and won a Rapid Fire book that way, and that I had bought something for my sci-fi scratchbuilding. Her reply, that since I had money, I should give her the same amount as I had just spent. Wait....what? What about Crisis then? I plan to spend about a 100 there or more, saving around 50 (or more) on shipping alone. Well, I'm to hand over the savings in shipping as well.

Well, that went from 0 to full in under 5 seconds. I'll spare you the rest of the argument, but I sit here now telling myself it is all because she's not well yet, she is being irrational but does not know it. Maybe I'm just telling me things but at least it prevents me from being agry at her.

So, any bright spots?

Well, yes, thank you for asking. While browsing the LAF I discovered a topi that has been running for a few months now, called "Elbowtech" link   Years back I was a huge Battletech fan, I have one case with practically every book ever published and another case with what must be around 400 mechs in blister alone, with a couple of 100 based and some even painted. Don't think I ever played more then 5 games in my life with it because it is so dreadfully slow :P Even back then I managed to go overboard. Anyway, Elbowtech. A fans work to make the game run much quicker with less bookkeeping so that you can play a game in an hour. I'm all for that, cause it still does not require a lot of figures to play a game, or use tons of scenery. Better yet, his version is hexless. Since I have not seen my cases of stuff for some time I will keep my eye on his topic, but it sure fired up my reactor. Good memories.

Also, the pre order list for Crisis is almost finished, and I'm still under budget after scratching off a few more things. As it stands now I'm looking at getting the following:

Four Legged Friends GPR022 - 4 animals - 16,20 euro 
One horse cart - GPR013 - 12 Pounds 

Magister Militum 
Pair of Ducks - AM13 - 0.50 Pounds x 8 = 4 Pounds 
Merchants (Hansa Teutonica) - BRU50 - 7,50 Pounds 
Assasin - BRU68 - 4,20 Pounds 

Ainsty Castings 
Mixed Memorials x4 - 2003 - 4 Pounds 
Chest Tomb x2 - 2005 - 3,50 Pounds 

Crooked Dice 
Repair Drone Deal (2pcs) - 4 Pounds 
Scary Statues set - 13 Pounds 

Fenris Games 
Dice Plinth - FGARC28 - 3 Pounds x3 
Chtullu Grave Markers - SKU00421 - 3,75 Pounds 
Lost Shores Ornamental Pool - SKU02213 - 6 Pounds 

Graveyard sprue - 8 Pounds

Sorted by project, Medieval Merchant and Graveyard, with just 1 Sci-Fi item because it is a robot to add to my collection :)

Things that could be axed to save money are the 12 pound cart, the 4 Pounds mixed memorials and 3.50 Pounds chest tombs, and the 4 pound assasin, though I feel that figure makes a excellent thief for Frostgate.

At the show I'm just looking for Vallejo Air metals, some kits from PSC and anything that peaks my interest at the Bring and Buy in the 1 hour break window that I have.

Anything under 200 euro spent will be a good day I think. Not so much that I can't make it back selling stuff, and not too little in new buys for my plans. Though this year, less is better :) (gosh, never thought I would hear myself say that)