dinsdag 30 september 2014

October Main Goal, side dish and focus points

I plan to put these down every month from now on, to refocus myself again and again. So bear with me :)

Main Goal - Clean, build and base as many Technicals as possible to clean out the stash I have right now. Get them ready for primer. Paint 1 or 2. Goes with M4/M5

Side Dish - Clean, build and base as many vehicles for the Cold War Soviet Recce as I have in stash right now. Get them ready for primer. Try to base 20 troops as well. Get them ready for primer. Goes with M3

Focal points:
-Clean and sort all incoming 2nd hand Liberation Miniatures
-Sort out items you want to use Instant Mold for, I have a few sticks coming in later this month. Do some more research on how to properly use them. You might want to drag up the old box of Lego for them.
-Technical weapons. Sabot them or not? Look at the pro and cons.
-Keep selling! Get rid of the uwanted tat.
- Pre orders for Crisis. Go over the list again, do I really need this in the next year? If not, drop it.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Sounds very sensible to me. I only wish I was so methodical...

    1. Well, time will tell if it will actually work Sander :) I will evaluate by the end of the year.