zondag 5 oktober 2014

Old Crow Order - well reccomended

On the 20th of September I made an order with Old Crow. I did this cause I read on the Lead Adventure Forum, that although the site had not reopened, Jez was taking orders if you sent them to his emailadres. >> Jez at Old Crow

I wanted to make an order for over a year, I had selected a range of his 15mm turrets for Sci-Fi defences, but with his site offline, I didnt order them. I know many more people are doing the same due to the current state of the site.

After my email to Jez i got a reply in the evening of the same day, telling me the store was open and what the costs plus shipping would be for my order. I ordered:
 1x 25mm Comcen Turret (2.50) (2.50)
1x 25mm Fixed Turret base (3.00) (3.00)
7x 15mm Turret Base (1.00) (7.00)
8x 15mm Point Defence Turret (2.00) (16.00)
2x 15mm Multi Missile Turret (2.50) (5.00)

(small error on my part, the Point Defence turret name only applies to the 25mm model. I actually meant the Support turret in 15mm. Jez sent me a link the next day to his old site on the Wayback machine from which I got the correct name as I managed to confuse him)

The next day I got a Paypal request that I paid and in that same day again I got a message telling me my items would be cast and shipped next week.

My order arrived on friday the 3rd of October , 14 days after making initial contact. For a company that casts to order I find this to be extremely good, factoring in the week it takes  most packages to ship here from the UK.

My order:
The individual parts were packaged in zip lock bags, namely 1 bag of turret bases, 1 bag of Support turrets, 1 bag of Multi Missile turrets, 2 bags of Support Turret weapons (miniguns and large calibre guns) and 1 bag of Comcen turret bits. The 25mm Turret Base was unpackaged, and I don't see a point in bagging it so no problem there.

This gives me the following:

(I already own  3 turret bases I got in a 2nd hand 15mm Old Crow lot a while back)
2 Light SAMs, 8 Support turrets (which will be 4x Anti Personel and 4x Anti Vehicle) and 1 large Radar system.

Everything was cast to perfection, like I am well used to from Old Crow. Bubble free, the only ones remotely visible are on the sanded undersides and will be invisible once bits are glued together. I'm always amazed how good the quality actually is, I handle a lot of resin stuff for the hobby and Jez is always the best.

What am I going to do with these. Well, as you might have seen, Sci-Fi is not in my 12 Focus points lits and I have said I will not do Sci-Fi for a while. I am however now buying stuff for the future with the money from my sale, so I don't have to spend anything for most of 2015. Having said that, the Support turrets with the gatling guns would do nicely for my Stalker project, and the 25mm Radar can easily be used in Modern games as a objective.

Also, as you can see in the picture, a 20mm model shows how well these 15mm and 25mm items actually work in 20mm. The smaller ones work as unmanned, automated turrets, the larger 25mm Radar has a stairway that could easily be 20mm. I might add some details like panels to it to tie it more into the scale, but really, it  is good enough as it is.

In the future I'd like to pick up more 25mm bases and 25mm Tank Turrets and Support Turrets as they fire nicely overhead of the troops and are more in scale with 20mm tank turrets. But that's for another time and day.

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