donderdag 13 juli 2023

Deep Clean

 Summer holiday for the kids starts in a few days , and they were with Kim for the middle of the decided not to go to the gym for a few days and do a deep clean of my desk and surroundings (and boy was it time to do so).

Atm, me going back to work (ever) is very unlikely, so I removed the work printer. I only print my weekplanner and some invoices on it, so it's now hidden in the living room with a cover and connected to my network. So, thats a lot of desk space. Moved the pc and monitor to the right, as well as my cabinet. Tossed out (almost) all unneeded crap and filled 1 drawer with Vallejo and another with my big tools.

Trying to work from this, what you use a lot has to be close, the rest can be further away. So I grabbed a Ikea hobby cabinet from storage and filled it with glue, knives, files, drillbits, brushes and cleaning material as well as seal bags.

Placed the lamp in the middle of my work area so no more bending along a corner just to pass my monitor. Basically, made it more ergonomical.

Grabbed a, what we call Farmacists cabinet (narrow but deep) I got a while back from the Goodwill as I thought it would be useful, removed the brackets from one side and it now makes a perfect WIP boxes holder. And boy do I have a lot of WIP boxes......Great motivation to not buy any more used stuff (or you would think)

Scrubbed the desk clean, and my cutting mats, installed extra sockets for the paint shaker, blowdryer and other tools.

And that took me 2 days and too many painkillers for a job you lot would do in 2-3 hours. I can't wait for the day we start a Cyberpunk Dystopia to fix my failing arms, hands and eyes. Ah well, a man can dream.

Carry on :)  

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Is it really dystopian if it fixes your problems? Maybe you have to imagine that it is in the US, and you are placed into debt servitude to pay off the enhancements?

    Anyway, clean desk is good! I should really do the same, instead of working in increasingly small sections of it.

    1. Yeah, well, till they solve the issues I'll just keep dreaming :). Do it, have a desk clean. Enjoy it :)