woensdag 13 september 2023

A WIP here, a WIP there

 Had a pleasant night of painting after having a week of coughing fits, always fun. WHile being sick I started to drag boxes of old stuff, tossing out the unneeded crap and picking up a few half finished models.

Finally sytarted work on the 2nd Pirate for Stargrave to make sure I can have a game before 2100 AD. Also trying a new scheme from Mediocre Hobbies with a toutch of me to get a Kill Team done. Should be a evening or 2 to get these done.

And made a sign to go with the Airport COntrol Tower (or anywhere really) doe my 15mm AK-47. Needs some bushes, crap but other than that pretty much done.

And my desk is a mess again. Need to fix that.

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