zondag 24 september 2023

Build Something Small 2023 Challenge - Mine? Mine! Entry

 The 2nd of my entries for the Challenge will be a 28mm Mine entrance....but I'm not going for easy. I like making a bit more visually interesting, so....

I want a steeper bit of hill and a mine opening and a ramp or ladder up to it. And I have to stay inside a 15 x 15 cm square and max 25cm tall. The only thing pre made sofar is a bit of plastic rail (from a toyset I guess?) I found at the Goodwill years ago...finally it is time to put i to good use :)

My lazy sunday afternoon (besides, cooking, cleaning, laundry, folding, chasing afte the kids) and this is how it started saturday evening and where I am now. 

How it started

                                                                     Where I am now

Scrap wood from New Years Eve fireworks, everything pinned and glues with superglue and dowels where possibel for added strength. Need to cut a 15 x 15cm MDF base fot it, and the beams will be pinned into that as well so it is going nowhere. Spoil shute is ready, just need to add reinforcing beams between the legs. I expect a order or cork bark to arrive somewhere next week. 

Mine will be usefyl for 28mm Mid West COwboys era as well as Postapoc Fallout

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