donderdag 12 oktober 2017

Malamute's (LAF) adobe paintwork - the steps

Another one for the books so I can finally finish painting all of my Arab style village scenery and get it on the table and use it......

Original topic is here: LAF Topic: Presidio de San Antonio de Bejar

 He only mentions this is a tin of "Dulux matt emulsion finest" but not the colour used. It looks more ochry than the dark brown colour I use, so maybe it is smart to invest in a big tin as I'm pretty sure I will be making a lot more scenery.

As the building is made with local materials he basecoat the base and the building the same.

 A wash of burnt umber around the bottom of the walls and liberally across the groundwork.

 Whilst that Is drying the first of the wall colours is added. I'll get something different, GW paint is waaay to expensive to use on scenery.....

The second coat on the walls plain old white.
Watered down Burnt Umber for the wood and let dry.
 Couple of drybrushes later

Now to work out what colours I would need to get in addition to what I already have from the art supply store :) Stay tuned!

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  1. I think its turning out pretty good so far.

    1. Derp, that's what I get for posting while tired. :D

    2. HGow can you be tired, you are in the city that never sleeps....oh wait :D

    3. The city might now sleep, but as I get older I find that apparently I to need to rest some times. :D

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    1. You should visit the LAF more....or I will just kee reposting useful articles for us both :)