donderdag 5 oktober 2017

Stuck on an island, with a....tent?

Still down with a cold, but going to my internship anyway....can't infect the customers if all I do during the day is email and phone them. Right?

In a lot I bought a while back, there was a box of Hasegawa Field Camp Equipment. If you are ever in the option of buying it....don't. It's pretty rubbish and dated. But well, it came in a lot, so...why not use it. As it stands, it has a largeish 2 man tent. With a square opening at the front. Yes, a square opening. I've sold and used many tents in my younger days (Yes, I do sound like a old fart now) but never one with that option. Anyhow, after adding a base, some pegs and a new front with paper and superglue, it looks much better now. Something for (WW2) refugees, a zombie or Friday 13th game, or a plot point.  Will paint it suitably in a canvas colour I think, makes it rather ageless.

The 20mm Partisan is wondering why he and the tent haven't been painted yet. Fair enough.

While cleaning up the place I ran across my unfinished Frostgrave project, the Playmobil Aztec(?) temple base, that I dumped aside when the water effects in the pool decided it would not want to be friends with the wood glue I used to seal the basin. Live and learn. Cut a bit of scrap MDF, sanded it, glued it down and sanded it. Will add some more sand in the corners here and there and use it for airbrush and wash practice. Will work as an small island for Archipelago now, or just a normal scenic piece, and this time I will just repaint and varnish the pool instead of water effects.

A bit of a problem is that it is now too deep and wide to fit my Pappis or Billy's, and can only fit inside one of the bigger drawers, which is a waste of space, so most likely it will end up in one of the 40x60 storage trays. It is a nice scenic piece though, and I think I will do the other one without the pool but with a pit with snakes or something.

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