woensdag 13 maart 2019

I see dead places

Took a break from the fences, took some MDF, 2 blocks of styrofoam and cut some thin sheets of Styrodur.

2nd coat of fixer for the sand tomorrow, then dry for 24 hours, and do the double black basecoat on friday. Also build the seperate door tomorrow or friday and insert.

Same really for the wall. Trimmed down the base, sanded it, needs a bit of filler etc in places plus a second fixer coat and then too 24 hours of drying and setting time.

Found a mini Me for 15 cents. Will get the same treatment

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  1. Reacties
    1. Yes, thank you, built it remarkably fast, hopefully my paintjob will do it justice!

  2. Excellent. I've been struggling to make something like that for a while (for Frostgrave), but stalled on the roof. You've inspired me to get it finished.

    1. Just do it! Looking forward to seeing yours finished.

    2. Thanks, I will. Is the roof of yours removable?

    3. No, I avoid removable roofs. Only leads to lost miniatures, leads to compromises to make it removable, adds time and places you can only akwardly paint and my wrists hurt enough as is. Besides, these tombs are more meant as spawn points. When I do a big one with skeletons in it it will be open plan, in 2 parts that fit together to ease painting and and a magnetised roof. Still waiting on my plastic skellies to arrive before I start that though.

  3. :o That mausoleum is amazing.
    It's a wonder no one has asked you to create scenery for stores or conventions yet.