woensdag 12 juni 2013

Back to the BUF

In May 2011 I finished my first 2 models for the BUF, namely these:

(You are looking at Reginald Petersbury-Archer and his chauffeur Ainsley Welkes)

And then did nothing with them. But every year or so the fever returns and I want to build some more kit for it. Having recently aquired 20mm scale BUF decals (Thx Taylor!) I thought it was time to get the ride done, plus some escorts.

Prelimanary work sofar:
Propaganda car with scratchbuilt speakers (recycled Vickers Light tank cuppolas)

 And 2 escort Vickers Light tanks with twin MG's

 I'm thinking the main colour for these will be grey, but lighter then German grey. Must do a few tests before I decide. Maybe even a camo job.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Terrific stuff. I've never heard of 'BUF', I take it it's like a British Civil War scenario? Very nicely painted figures.