woensdag 3 juli 2013

Clear out

For the last 1-2 months I've been clearing out a lot of my collection (but sofar have failed to make a real dent) to save up on Paypal cash for when the babies come.

What has been sold sofar:
-Most of my 15mm sci-fi scenery
-1/2 of my 15mm sci-fi troop collection
-my 20mm Iraqi army
-some GW bits and pieces
-most of my 28mm miniatures
-almost all of my Early War Germans (mostly vehicles, and you will see them again, painted by a true master this time)

What has been bought with the money sofar:
-Future War Commander (second hand)
-4 Liberation Miniatures Saxons (second hand)
-a nice lot of Liberation Serbians (second hand, currently being stripped)
-Couple of boxes of new releases from PSC for my Germans and Russians
-Scenery from Daemonscape
-A watertower and MG bunkers from a very nice chap in Portugal
-Various GW hills (second hand)
-Some extra bits for my robots and monster collection (new and second hand)

And what has been traded
-Mostly microarmour
-Some robots
-3 painted T-34's and a Stug, all PSC
-Schwere Panzer Abteilung 654 book (which turns out to retail for 100 dollars and more)

I still have tons of stuff draped across various fora.

I bought and traded a lot less then what I have sold (which was the point) and I will be doing some reviews of the new goods that have or will arrive(d), so stay tuned.

(been so busy though I haven't painted for almost a month now)

Also I have a small request: I'm looking for a copy of AK-47, preferably first edition. Anyone?

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