maandag 11 juli 2011

German Early War force for Barbarossa, part 5

Package in the mail today.

Yup, 12 of them. Been looking at various Panzer IV's over the years as I prefer to field these instead of Tigers and Panthers and was well taken with the good reviews these got on the web. I'm looking forward to giving them my special treatment, and I'll start with converting 2 of them for Barbarossa. The Airfix ones made good excercise and might one day become wrecks, who knows.

I'm still waiting for the last models for this build, some armoured cars and a Blitz bus, which sofar have failed to turn up. I've mailed the store about that a few times now but sofar no reply. But I've got plenty of other stuff to do so don't worry.

On a side not, I picked up a Seacobra and a Wessex today for my Marines (1 for USMC, 1 for UK) and set those aside.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Always interested in your early war obsession.

  2. Must get some PSC Pz 4 tanks for my Germans...

  3. I am about to finish the first three of them! Lovely models I may say!
    Good luck with them! I am sure that they will come out stunning as all of your works!

  4. Hi Gunbird, I must concour, these are lovely fast build models, and excellent value for money, I have 3 on the work bench now.