vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Chen Lu, Red Team, Zwartwater

Finished the 2nd member of Red Team for the 2012 Africa Big Game, Chen Lu.

Chen Lu is a Chinese national recruited in the Zwartwater Special Forces some time ago. He prefers to use his late fathers AK with a full set of Norinco red phenolic mags (which will propably make collectors cry). His stay with Zwartwater is sanctioned by the Chinese Government, which is rather unusual.

Model is from Wartime Miniatures, Iraqi Police/Paramilitary. I need to get a few more of these for my fireteams as I don't want all of my contractors to look like Special Forces with gizmo's coming out their ears. The only change I made is tripleclipping his AK with a few bits of plasticcard and a strip of paper for the tape.

Now there are only 35 more to go for this unit :) (Flocking will come later when they are all done)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Very nice painted figure! And really very good shading!


  2. Thx Tom...I nicked his name from your Blog :P

  3. This is one cool looking miniature and a great paintjob.