zondag 22 juli 2012

Truck Build at the Guild

Yup, another speed build over at the Guild. I cannot resist them, and even better as I need to get some kit done for Kursk as well, plus a few other bits I will show later.

First up, a 20mm model.

 I'll be using this as my Luftwaffe Liason Officer ride for Battlegroup Kursk. Though I'm not sure the Tilly counts for the build as the theme is Truck and I've seen pick ups barred as non-elligeble. We'll see.

Secondly, a 15mm model.

It's another FAW Jiefang heavy H540 4x4 truck, this time a electrical version (batteries on top) and used by a goventment appointed prospector. Should do fine as scenery on my table.

I'm aiming to have a few more things done in time before the deadline runs out.

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