zondag 2 november 2014

November Main Goal, side dish and focus points

First I'll look back at last months points.

Main Goal - Clean, build and base as many Technicals as possible to clean out the stash I have right now. Get them ready for primer. Paint 1 or 2. Goes with M4/M5 I managed to wash 3, build 0 and paint 0

Side Dish - Clean, build and base as many vehicles for the Cold War Soviet Recce as I have in stash right now. Get them ready for primer. Try to base 20 troops as well. Get them ready for primer. Goes with M3 I managed to wash 4 vehicles, build 2, base and painted 0. No troops based either

Focal points:
-Clean and sort all incoming 2nd hand Liberation Miniatures 80% done, I have just over 20 that need stripping.
-Sort out items you want to use Instant Mold for, I have a few sticks coming in later this month. Do some more research on how to properly use them. You might want to drag up the old box of Lego for them. It turns out my nephew has the Lego, so I bought a starter box, I just need a flat plate and smooth tiles before I can get to work. I've gathered a dozen items to be copied sofar.
-Technical weapons. Sabot them or not? Look at the pro and cons. I'm going to fix them in place.
-Keep selling! Get rid of the uwanted tat. O brother, did I sell a lot!
- Pre orders for Crisis. Go over the list again, do I really need this in the next year? If not, drop it. Dropped most of it, ended up with just under 200 worth of preorders and spending another 200 at the show, while selling stuff at the show worth 75 euros

I did not really manage to achieve my main goals and side dish, but handled a lot of the focal points. Most importantly, I sold a lot (which really was the focus anyway). I'm awaiting 2 more payments that will take me over 1000 pounds for this sale alone. I'm already sorting more stuff that can be sold in the next sale, next year. Also, I've been spending quite a bit of time debating with myself and friends whether to buy an airbrush or not.Most who use one are in favour, some who have one are not. It would speed up basecoating a lot and German camouflage would be much easier to do, plus painting my aircraft should be easier. Downside is the expense in equipment, tools and new paints. I have signed up for a introduction on the 19th of December to see if I actually like and can use one, after that we will decided wether to buy or not.

So...what about my plans for November?

Main Goal - try to sell as much as possible, even giving away stuff to clear out (only asking for postage) before mid November. Then have the rest of the week to bring the hobby room back into pristine condition and everything stored in the attic till next years sale.

Side Dish - Do more research on 11th Armoured, find out all of the correct markings if possible, make the list for Battlegroup (Overlord list as well as Fall of the Reich list)  and make a plan what to paint and when. Do I have all of the correct decals? Split the total list in 2, with stuff I still need to buy in the 2nd part.

Focal points:
-clean remaining Liberation models and sort them.
-build new paint racks.
-sort and stash all the Crisis purchases.
-when there is time, base technicals that have been washed.

Right, that should keep me busy for a bit :)

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