donderdag 3 december 2015

Old Crow order review

My Old Crow order arrived yesterday. would not buy any more stuff? Well, I haven't....much. But not this order. I made a inquiry for items suitable for 20mm Sci-Fi back in July 2nd 2015, and then.....silence.

Lots and lots of silence.

Then October 13th a general Old Crow email arrives, aimed at (what I assume) was everyone who emailed him for the last 6 months or so, with apolagies and a offer for free postage. I got a reply on my more expanded request on the 15th of October and I made my order on the 21st using Crisis funds, with a confirmation and final quote on the 22nd. I was then told that his current workload it would take him about 2 weeks to get everything cast and ready to ship out.

But alas, it would take a bit more time then that, but on the 25th I got a reply that everything was ready to ship, I made my payment, and waited. But not for long :) Yesterday on the 2nd the small box arrived. I ha to wait till tonight to open it, so just made a group pic and did a head count. Uh oh, something doesn't add up.....

First, the overall shot:
Brilliant as always, with all that resin there is only 1 bubble on the underside of a base. So, that's like perfect :) The metal parts have some minor mouldlines but nothing that can't be fixed, the only problem I see is that 2 from the 3 twin gun miniturrets have 1 of their barrels miscast (only half ot it cast). I can snip em and drill in a new bit of brass rod no problem though. They are very delicate and that might even be smarter, brass rod is much more durable.

Anyway, I'm missing stuff.

My order:
25mm Fixed Turret Base; 4 Pounds x2 = 8 Pounds Check, ok
25mm Point Defence Turret; 4 Pounds x2 = 8 Pounds Check, ok
25mm Support Turret; 4,50 each x2 9 Pounds Check, ok
25mm Gun Barrels (30mm) pack of 6; 2,50 Pounds - I can't find any other then the 4 that go with the Support turrets? These are the ones I need for my tank conversion

15mm White metal laser turret on the Outrider and Glaive, I'd like 3 please. Price? Just the laser one was good enough, but I like the missile variant too, excellent.

6mm Small Double Barrel Gun Turret (10mm) pack of 6; 2 pounds Check, but there are only 3 and 2 have 1 of the guns miscast, around half length is missing?

And there is a small bag with 6 triple barrel mini turrets?


I see no real problems though. Jez is a stand up guy (if a very busy one) and people make mistakes, so I have emailed him and let him now what is the issue. The 25mm gun barrels are not even the biggest problem as I could use the ones from the Support Turret to get a head start on the tank conversion as I don't think I'll start any of the turret systems anytime soon.

But still, I'm having terrible luck with orders and trades lately.  The LE pre order starter model from the Antares game that was a gift from Portugal? Lost in the mail. The 2 Cars cars I overpaid for? Way damaged. The bottle of paint I managed to lose in an hour time? Ugh.
Anyway, I'll update this post as soon as Jez gets back to me.

Edit: Jez got back to me lastnight. Barrels will be sorted asap, miniturrets were his last remaining stock so he sent all, miscasts and everything, plus the 3 gun turrets as replacements for the incomplete 2 barrel ones. Grand service I say.

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