donderdag 23 augustus 2018

50 Cent challenge: "I'm lovin' it!"

The return of the 50 cent painting challenge!

Also: The end of my painting dry-spell!


<enough sillyness>

Last week there was a end of the school holiday childrens market, so toys galore. I picked up 2 cars for Gaslands, 1 Tractor for 20mm and this .....thing.

Someone, somewhere was "lovin' it" in a Happy Meal many, many moons ago. There is a spring inside so you can make the head pop-up. Well, the girl selling it asked 25 cents, and how could I resist something with so much potential?

After removing the top-bit from the heads-bit with a saw, and then cutting the spring inside I epoxied the top back on the rest of the .... thing. With a scrap bit of rough plasticcard for a base I grabbed the Milliput to fill in and clean up the screwholes and the slight gap on one side. I grabbed my still mint (and now no longer) Citadel skull box, put a few alien ones on one side and a few human ones on the other. Added sand to taste.

 Bring on the cheap discount automotive primer thats sticks to everything.

After that just a few washes, quite a bit of use of the dairdryer to speed things up and some powders to dust up the base.

And with that - Challenge completed! (...until the next one...)

For uses.....28mm scaled effigy....Congo? Any Pulp game? Something in Warhammer Quest? Let me know what you think.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks very good! If you play Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago it can fit in there too.

  2. That would probably work well for Frostgrave Archipelago :-)

  3. Hey, that is great! And for 25 cents too...

    As for uses anything 28mm could use a crazy shrine, and it seems like it is big enough to provide a little hard cover too.

    1. Cause hiding behind a strange idol that is getting shot at is always a good idea......