vrijdag 14 september 2018

The start of something new. In 15mm. Oh dear....

After collecting 20mm stuff for Iran-Iraq for 3 years now, I did some math and concluded to get what I wanted at current days (2nd hand) prices compared to 15mm (2nd hand) prices....I'd be a damn fool not to start it in 15mm instead. Also a lot easier to get compared to the slog it is to order from RH Models....


105mm M4A3 HVSS. Needs a bit more detailing but otherwise ready for paint. Not a great cast btw, and I'm looking forward to building their plastic kits.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Cost and size efficient works for me too, sounds like a good decision to me.

    1. I hope I did. Sofar picking them up second hand or on sale has been trouble free, but I like to convert everything, so.....

  2. I've had to really fight the temptation of 15mm! The ease of access to the FoW range makes it really tempting, but I find the infantry just too small to single base. And then once I switch to fireteam basing really it ends up being the same level gaming that I play at 6mm!
    Lovely work on that 105mm by the way :)