donderdag 15 november 2018

The axe falls (on some projects)

Not on my head, fortunately.

Atm I have a 2 weekly visit from Heleen, a professional clean up coach. For 3 hours we go through everything, trash what is trash, set aside what can be sold, save what can be saved for the future. I'm a broken man after those 3 hours, but on average we take out a garbage bag of waste (paper, plastic, broken stuff etc), fill 2-3 cases with sellable stuff and save 1-2 cases of stuff that I want to sort again at a later date.

It's nice to have someone do the physical work that I'm currently not up to, I'm usually beat 30 minutes in and that is just by sitting on a chair and telling her "trash, sell or keep"! The shit I saved up in 20 years, dear Lord....

Also, I'll be axing more stuff. Starting Iran-Iraq in 15mm was ....stupid. Yes, you can get a lot of stuff very easy in 15mm, but at cost. I think I have sunk about 200 or more into it by now, but I'm killing it. I would have to fund and paint both sides on my own as none of my friends have an interest. Well, when it is all painted, but God knows how long that would take. Ages in my current state. SELL

We decided 1/300 would be the right scale to play Northag in. Then I realised that even the cheap brand of micro armour is 75 cents for a tank now, so I'm hunting for cheap used stuff, which is proving to be rather unsuccesful. Also no idea yet what basing standards we are looking at, so atm I just ordered about 10 quid worth of bits to see if I can still convert these guys into something decent.

I ordered the Cruel Seas rulebook. IF we are going to play this, it will most likely be in 1/600 and 1/700 as that fits our budgets. Still a big IF. For now, just work with card cut outs.

For 2019, I'm joining a 1/3000 Cold War naval event. As far as I know I have a ton of ships for that so it would be just a matter of painting them. We need to work out the what and when details first.

Also for 2019 is the Road to Berlin campaign in 20mm. Or in the case of my Germans, retreat to Berlin. Not sure how much I can manage for that with my hands, but I will do my best.

 Anyhow, for 2019 (and as always, take this with a grain of salt) ....

High Priority
- 20mm Late War Germans
- Enough 20mm Vietcong porters for a scenario I am working on.
- 20 minutes a day Challenge is a damn smart idea
- 20mm Partisans/Volkssturm
- Scenery
- 6mm testers
- Sell shit
- Get in more pratice with the airbrush

Medium Priority
- Kill Team
- 20mm Russians
- 20mm TW2K
- Wrecks
- 20mm Firebase
- Civillians/Refugees

Low Priority
- 15mm Sci-Fi
- 20mm Taliban
- Any desert stuff
- Gaslands

Of course, being tired and in pain all the time will work against me, but surely......20 minutes a day......must be something I can manage.

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  1. Ugh, getting rid of stuff can be so hard... Like you I have about 100 projects, most of which I will never get to, but it is so hard to give up the ideas I had when I started them (or just bought things, many are not even started!)

    So good luck with thinning the herd! Ultimately it will be great, but I know how hard it will be to get there!