vrijdag 18 oktober 2019

For Sale: large 28mm Hydra Miniatures Robot Legion force

With pain in my heart, but I've been slowly liquidating my Pulp stuff as at heart, I seem to prefer Historicals.....

In this lot:

2 packs of Minibots (27 dollars)
8 Robot Legionaires (42 dollars)
1 Heavy Support Legionaire (7,50 dollars)
1 Optio (Squad Leader) (6 dollars)
2 Warbot Destroyers (31 dollars)
1 Warbot Destroyer missing his backpack, you could give 1 Destroyer arm to a normal Warbot to make him a Light Destroyer type robot. (10 dollars)
7 Warbots (94,50 dollars)
1 wrecked Warbot that should make a great secenery marker or something (free)

Total new in shop, sans shipping and import fees: 218 dollars

Asking: 165 Pounds Including EU shipping. Pick up at Crisis for 155 Pounds is possible but you have to pay in advance...I've been burned too often by no shows to accept anything else)

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