zondag 9 februari 2020

Sea of Grey

Everything is painted, and the first room has the levelling compound added. Not long now, hope to start laying floring this week :) Next weekend we will level the other room (as we can't drag down the washer/dryer)

Looks lovely as is, tbh. Soundproofing though, not so much....

The leveller did open one of the doors thinking it opened away from the wall.....and completely ripped it out of the wall. Oops.  The builder apolagised, but he and I know those are the standard screws that come with such doors. I'll put in new, longer ones somewhere this week. Shame about the door, but such is life.

I made a small visit to Gerard Boom (from Shifting Lands) to have a chat and pick up a set of power pylons for This is not a Test. They are a bit basic, but look the part and are easy enough to build, only 1 part gave me a bit of a headache and that got sorted soon enough. There are no power line couplings so I will have to scratchbuild those or have someone lasercut them for me so I can add them. Every little bit helps.

I also picked up some used H0 bits, a fixed crane, a diesel/LPG btank and a transformer housing. This, combined with the 5 bags of Faller Cemnet Factory and Diesel Storage I picked up the other day, will keep me busy for a while.  After stripping the broken (or easily broken) parts I'm now at this stage, all parts for the factory complex. They need details that I can't add atm as my tools are hidden behind all of the crates. Oh well.

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