zaterdag 13 augustus 2022

Teeny Tiny Technical, my first proper foray into 3D...thingy

 Ran into a topic with Technicals, as one does (Well, I do) and I spotted a Ukrainian UAZ-452 with a turret with a M-60 on it. And I like oddballs, so....

Cute, innit?

A quick stroll over Thingyverse netted me a UAZ-452, addons for it like lights etc, and I nicked the turret from a BA-64, downloaded Meshmixer and..... did a lot of swearing. But 2 hours later I have this:

Not perfect, but looks the part. Passing it on to Modhail for cleanup and getting the bugs out, and print 2 for 20mm TW:2K for raiders or militia, and a few in 15mm perhaps for funsies?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Ha! That is fun... although maybe not the most sensible of vehicles if anyone is shooting back!

    1. Yup, though got word today it is actually a Airsoft vehicle, but also that it is really put into use now for the war effort. I don't know anymore what is real, so much info, but it looks nice and will make a fine adittion to my collections :)