woensdag 17 januari 2024

On the 17th day....

 ....I have not spent money on new models, but I did trade old models for a few boxes of Battlefront rice paddies. I now have 5 boxes worth of paddies, but the boxes are trashed so these will get their own box. 

Should be fine for a 2x2 table (small Russian truck for scale)

For Vietnam I'm now sorted for GI's (need to base and paint), Vietcong (same), paddies (need tufting), I have houses etc in MDf ready to be built, plenty of roads. Anything else can come later.

Mostly sorting out old stuff otherwise, trips down to memory lane seeing some things. But I can't keep everything, I'm lacking in space and if you have not done anything with it for a good 5-10.....no point in keeping it (scenery excluded).

Otherwise no news from the hobby front. Can't see <ahem> anyway with my right eye, hopefully it will be a simple fix. 

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