vrijdag 2 maart 2012

Flak Build - Праща

This is my entry for the Flak build.

Праща (in English: Sling) is a ad-hoc weapon system created by the Serbs in the later part of the Third Balkan War. It is made up by using the gunmount of the M-55 20mm towed AA gun, a welded, adjustable frame with what appears to be a car windshield, 2 hardpoints and 2 AA-8 Aphid short range IR missiles, as seen here:

For my version I've used the base of a RH Models ZPU, brass wire and plasticcard plus the hardpoints and missiles from a old MiG-29 kit.

Gamewise I intend to use this as a Sa-7 in Rapid Fire Moderns. Primeraly meant for Yugoslavia, it might even get some use in the Afrika Big Game later this year.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Very cool idea and creative work bringing it to life. It looks great.

  2. Amazing work, those rockets are stunning.

  3. Excellent made creation! Well done!