vrijdag 4 mei 2012

15mm scenery

We have another Build over at the Guild, this time the theme is Building. Plenty of scope in that one.

These are my first entries.

A big, narrow green shed, could house anything, could be for sci-fi and modern alike. Made from the incomplete kit of the Heljan Nuclear Plant, some spare HO scale roofing and 2 ventilation stacks from The Scene, on a 1.5mm plasticcard base. Just for 15mm, doors are too small for anything else.

A building, could be anything, kept it as non-descript as possible cause I'm working on add-on parts that will change the user and look for whatever purpose I want it to be. You'll see. Another building from the Heljan kit, missing parts again, was cut down and most of the front filled in. Badly warped, I managed to unwarp most of it.....sort of. Don't buy Heljan, it can be expensive and is never worth it. Added new roofs, a base and some flock. Uses I have planned for it are a abandoned factory, a Governmental house, just for 15mm, for modern and sci-fi.

Not for the build, but as filler, Old Crow 28mm containers.....
....which make excellent 15mm containers! Can pass for moderns and sci-fi alike. Didin't weather these too much for a change, might do that again with the next lot.

And a group shot (which includes the silo from the previous post)

Onwards to the next lot!

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