donderdag 24 mei 2012

My first Shapeways order and a little story

I just made my first Shapeways order. I ordered 2 items from Brigade Models, a 1/300 water tower and 2 sets of 3 Power Pylons. More on that when they arrive, I'll do a little review then.

1/300 I hear you think? Yup. As some of you may know I'm currently unemployed and without a steady flow of cash it seems a hobby comes last, while it is badly needed to relieve stress. Since spending money on models is really a nono when you ain't got none, I've been turning my eye to my rather substantial collection over the last year and looked at what could be sold off and what kept. In this manner I want to fund what I need for big games and demos and get my priorities straight (hobby wise that is)

One of those priorities is to cut down Big Games to 1/300 and smaller from now on (with an exception for Irish Big Games). In that scale it is rather cheap, I have loads of stuff from earlier times left and it does not take up a lot of space. My 20mm forces will be cut down to skirmish level for starters (max 30 troops, some vehicles) with expansions only after they have proven themselves. 1/600 will refocus back on airgames only. The only vehicles I need for that will be targets and AA defences. My 1/3000 naval assets are in a bit of a limbo. I got tons, with lots painted, but no opposition yet and rather clueless how to game this solo.

All of my GW and other assorted 28mm was already on the choppingblock and this just sharpend the blade some more. And there is plenty of other odd stuff to get rid off, so funds should not be too much of a problem for the forseaable future. If I find enough buyers of course.

Anyway, I've started to copy my 1985 Dutch in 1/300 which is going rather well. Well, 1980 to be exact cause I don't have and can't afford yet the GHQ YPR-765 family so they are all mounted in YP-408 variants, and I'm having much fun converting them to the correct types. I'll propably paint most of the stuff in one go so you won't see them anytime soon.

What I am hitting myself over the over is the fact I sold off my Cold War Commander book 2 years ago, and now I need it again. There is a lesson in this kids, don't sell rulebooks!

If anyone has one spare and wants to get rid of it, let me know. If it is a bit tatty, not a problem for me. Open to all offers.

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  1. Unemployed..I sympathise. Me too..and yep..times are difficult, buying new stuff is a "no way" situation at the moment. Still, good collection won´t expand to quickly anymore for the foreseeable future :-D I hope you find the rules book.