dinsdag 1 januari 2013

2013 is the Year of Afghanistan

2013 is the Year of Afghanistan.

Time to reboot the Blog. I lost a lot of time lately due to overtime at my new job and being dead on my feet, but I want to make a new, fresh start so here goes.

Forget what I said in my last Blogpost, there is no point for me having so many options to choose from, in the end nothing gets done and that would mean I don't get a game in. Focus is todays word, so focus it is. As I know 3 mates who have Coalition forces for Afghanistan I've decided to focus 95% of this years efforts at Afghanistan, and then just the Taliban/Mudjahedeen and Scenery. I want to be able to get the most out of it with the least amount of money as well, which means spending my money and my time wisely.

So in comes scratchbuilding. Back to my roots so to speak, working with cardboard, balsa and my hands to create stuff. Should also beef up my self esteem so good therapy as well ;) I picked up a large pack of expanded foamplate used for insulation which I will be using to make my buildings of. Results here soon, as I need to do some testers first. Been ages since I did this.

I hope to resume my previous speed of 1 weekly post or more.



2 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice to see you get going again, Johan!
    It means lots of eyecandy to look forward to...

  2. Happy New Year, Johan. Very much looking forward to what you come out with for 'Stan! it's a really interesting, and very worthy, project.