zondag 27 januari 2013

Far from humble dwelling

It is, isn't it? Far from humble I mean, rather large and posh even compared to the previous models. Length wise it is the max my cabinets will take (28 cm's) so if I start making compounds, they won't be wider then these unless I split them down the middle so they can be used at the edges of a board as well. Well, maybe...

A rather large 2 story building with lots of windows except on the side where I envisage the neighbours to be, with a wall, later expanded into a covered hallway, ending at the, what could be seen as, carpark.

The front of the building has the fancier wooden doors, and I'd love to make one of those iron doors with all of the metalwork I've seen in several documentaries now, but I'll leave that to it when I get to do a compound door (after a bit of practice). The top floor is just a piece of cloth, being blown in the wind so it moves a bit to the side, and the doors in the rear are either open (painted black) or a simple metal door. Windows are without framework this time, for the size of the building I assumed the owner could afford that.

Open courtyard, I'm not in the mood yet to have it all walled in, mostly cause I fear I won't be able to have proper acces to it to paint it all. Plus the open end makes for cramped alleyways when I slot it all together.

You can propably make out the lines on the building, thats done with a ruler and a toothpick. 1 coat of Gesso doens't fill it in, so I now have a way to make bits of brickwork visible in future models. For this one I won't do much to it, maybe some extra weathering to show there was a new addition made on top of the first floor. In a future one I will be adding square blocks with wire sticking out to represent a future expansion as you see all over the middle east.

Right, I've got a small village now.

An added benefit of the building material is the weight. Since it is so light, you can easily stack em, thus making better use of the room available for storage. Also very handy for transport, just line a box with some protective wadding and you can haul it everywhere without risk.

Cause everything is based on square shapes stacking is also very easy for these models.

But, adding concrete columns to the top with bits sticking out ruins this a bit. Solution? Simple, like every addition I make for the junkyard, they are all seperate bits you can just put on and off at your leasure. Bonus is that if anyone bumps into them they will just topple over and not break off.

Now, who makes a decent 1/72 wheelbarrow? :)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Very good. I like the idea of adding a girder into the building to hold the roof up.
    A 1/72nd scale wheel barrow? All I can think of is Preiser but they may be a bit too small.

  2. Propably Paul. Might end up scratchbuilding one myself, which won't be too bad I guess. Just wondering outloud if Sgt's Mess might have em.

  3. very nice work! those buildings are very well made also and I like how light they are. my buildings are also quite light but I use a completely different matirial to you, I think yours is better appart from the unwanted lines standing out so much... though all round great effort and I love the stackability of them also.

  4. That looks really good I love the way these buildings have turned out there going to look great on the table.