zondag 10 februari 2013

Labelling 6mm bases, opinions wanted

Just a test I did tonight to see if it is readable and with enough information. Aimed at CWC.

I decided to go with just the vehicle name and number, as I feel that is enough info during a game. I've never been a fan of stats on such a tab as it makes it much bigger then it needs to be.

Font is Arial, size 6. (height of lettering is 2mm). The text would be centred as much as possible, with the sides filled in with the same dirt as the rest of the base. I think I do not need to add flags etc, the name alone will tell me what army these go with.

Since I'm looking at doing this for Battlegroup as well, I would like to make normal troops bases on 40x20, marked with a simple Inf Unit #1-1 till #1-3 and Inf HQ #1, MG-42 #1 till #3, the latter being on 20x20 bases. Same would go for things like Spotters (unless in a vehicle, then 40x20) etc

Its just a trial sofar, due to the fact I'm really bad at keeping own stuff apart unless it has markings of some sort that are easy and quickly deciperable. And while my colour system works great for 20mm, I don't want to use it for 6mm, hence this test.

What say ye?

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