dinsdag 30 april 2013

6mm testers

Gods, it has been ages since I last painted 6mm, so decided to do some testers to see if I can still perform :) Also a test to see if the basing style and tab fit me.

First up, my all time favorite, the Flammpanzer III. Decals by I-94 and Doms Decals, insert shows true size at 30-40 cm's distance. 40x20mm base

Second, cause I like remotely operated vehicles, the Goliath (I'm not sure if it is actually in the rules but for me it was too much fun to do one anyway till I get my hands on some Borgwards). 20x20mm base. Again, insert shows true size.

Painting is going rather quick right now, for German yellow I use Vallejo Middlestone over a grey basecoat, then paint the tracks and exhaust Vallejo Flat brown and rubber Vallejo German Grey. Then wash with Vallejo Dark Grey. Let dry, then paint again with basecoat and highlight with 50-50 Middlestone and Dark Sand. Gloss varnish, let dry overnight, add decals, let dry, coat with gloss varnish again. Paint base with any dark brown, drybrush with any light sandcolour, trim the edges in black. Add nametag, glue down with woodglue with a tin coat over it. Let dry, then matte varnish everything. Then do the flocking and tufting nd what not. Lasly, add antenna from brush and glue down (but I'm now doing this step while painting the basecoat to disguise the whole somewhat.

As soon as I start doing trucks I will experiment a bit with different greens to see which one works best for me, and then use that on my armour.

So, what do you think?

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