donderdag 25 april 2013

First basecoat for BGO

Basecoated the lot in grey.

That way the next colour I put on will en up lighter. I would have used white for a even lighter first coat but all I had in stock was grey, so grey it was.

Some models have minor modifications.
For instance, I've given the StuH a thicker, shorter barrel. Maybe a bit too thick, but at least it is instantly recognisable as a StuH now :) (That or a certain Epic 40K tank <sigh>)

I've also noticed some minor warping on my bases, so I'll propably varnish the underside to straighten them out again, or be at peace with it, as the warp is barely noticable.

Also got some feedback from Heroics and Ross, my Opel Blitz with hardtop body were very misaligned, they noticed it too in some of their casts so I'll have to add a note to my next order for replacements. Very quick respons for otherwise very nice models, no real flash and some minor mouldlines, some easier to remove then others, but that is the nature of these tiny models.

And I just received my Leven order of miniature houses, but I'll adress those in a new post.

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